Our studs are created with materials from the forest. We believe in the forest as a renewable resource and the potential in its carbon cycle. We are building the future now, and we want to build it bio based.

Waste from the sawmills

In the production of paper, waste from various parts of the forest industry is also used, such as chips from the sawmills. These relationships contribute to a circular economy.

paper pulp

The trees go through a pulp mill and become paper pulp. Vad får man ut frör restprodukter??


The paper pulp comes to the paper mill where paper is produced. The residual products from paper production can be used to make biofuel, for example. All the paper we use is both FSC® C106624 and PEFC certified.


The paper comes to our factory and, together with glue, our studs are manufactured. We have chosen the glue carefully and it only consists of substances that occur naturally in nature. The finished paper stud can be recycled after its use, continuing its circular life. By producing paper studs instead of wooden studs, we get a higher yield from the forest and can extract four times more products from each tree, so that more trees can remain in the forest and grow.

”Choosing Wood Tube’s climate-smart studs is making a choice for future generations”


Wood Tube Sweden AB only use FSC-certified paper.


En livscykelanalys utförd på Karlstads universitet visar att att en pappersregel från Wood Tube släpper ut 14X mindre CO2-ekvivalenter jämfört med en stålregel som är den vanligaste regeln att bygga med. Man kan alltså producera 14 reglar från Wood Tube med samma utsläpp som en stålregel. Pappersreglarna kan återvinnas som vanlig kartong.


The light weight of Wood Tube’s paper rules improves the carpenters’ working environment when heavy lifting is avoided. When cutting the paper stud it does not become sharp. Today, one of the most common work-related injuries for carpenters is cutting wounds and this risk of cutting wounds is minimized when building with our products. Sustainability is just as much about the people who get in contact with our material, as the CO2 emissions we save.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are working with the following three goals from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By working with us you are also part of the solution.

This goal is about promoting a safe and secure working environment for all workers, which we contribute to by improving the carpenters’ working environment.

We contribute to a sustainable industry by lowering CO2 emissions and using forest raw materials more efficiently.

We want to create access to sustainable, safe and affordable housing for everyone.