The paper studs must be protected and stored away from direct contact with water as they can easily be damaged if stored incorrectly. Protect the studs from rain and mount them on a dry floor. For temporary storage outdoors, the packages must be well wrapped/protected. Check that the packaging is intact.

Walls can be built up to four meters high and we can custom-make stud lengths. More information can be found in our assembly guide.

A wall with a single layer of plasterboards on each side of the stud has a fire rating of EI 30. We have a summary of the performance of our wall types in our assembly guide.

We have a summary of the performance of our wall types in our installation guide, or on THIS PAGE ((LINK))

We recommend screws from different manufacturers in our assembly guide. Usually, hard drywall screws work best in plasterboard and board screws work best in wooden boards.

Revit models can be downloaded below under the heading “Documents”.

A paper stud in dimension 45×70 mm emits 92 grams of CO2 equivalents per meter.

The rules can be sorted as paper/cardboard or combustible.

Today we are only approved to build non-load-bearing internal walls with our paper studs.

A paper stud can be easily cut with several different tools. Cut and miter saws are usually the favorite of most carpenters.

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Documents and files


Here are revit-files including our studs and wall types.

Assembly guide

Here you can see how our walls are built.

Type appoval

Swedish type approval issued by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden)

Collaborate with us?

If you are interested in our studs or our material for a new construction project or prototype for a new product, do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us ➞